Evergreen Trees
in Polk County WI

Buying a tree from Cottor Tree Farms will give your yard instant character. Our evergreens add a nice color and stature, and due to the fact that we let them age some before we offer them for sale means you can look at a tree in our field and know what it will look like in your space. We have evergreens starting at 6 feet tall, and stretching on up to 18 feet and beyond.

We have several varieties of evergreens available. Check out the links below to see more specifics about our available trees.

Because evergreens are always needle-covered, they can serve well as a "fence" for a level of privacy from neighbors, a steady source of shade, and a good windbreak. Most evergreens have a nice scent, too. They do drop their needles, but not all at once, and they don't blow around the yard.

Our prices depend on the variety and size of the tree, the location of the installation site, and the amount of trees ordered. Evergreen roots tend to be somewhat shallow, so scooping them with one of our spades is relatively easy and means you will receive a tree that is ready to grow and thrive.

Q&A: Do you have Evergreen Trees in stock?

Yes! Please give us a call or message for a quote while inventory lasts.