Shade Trees
in Polk County WI

Q&A: Do you have Shade Trees in stock?

Yes! Please give us a call or message for a quote while inventory lasts.

At this time Cottor Tree Farms has the following varieties of shade trees for sale near Osceola Wisconsin:

Autumn Blaze Maple

Sienna Glen Maple

American Sentry Linden

Boulevard Linden

Skyline Honey Locust

Honeycrisp Apple

Haralson Apple

Cottor Tree Farms have a nice selection of shade trees available for your project. Customers looking for shade trees are typically talking about a maple, Linden, oak, apple or other tree that has a broad top over a strong, towering trunk. These trees typically take decades to get the type of size that is desired, and their root system grows deeper and wider with every year. Get a head start with our trees that we have been growing, with trunks that are already at least 4 inches in diameter.

A beautiful advantage to shade trees is they put on a show in the fall. A person can try to choose their tree planting to paint an autumn picture across their yard.

Maple trees come in several varieties. Maples are relatively quick growers, and can end up with some impressive height. Their leaves turn some of the brightest hues of red and orange depending on their variety. Some people like to collect sap in the spring from larger maple trees and enjoy the hobby of making maple syrup.

Linden Trees come in several varieties. Lindens trunk stand like broad pillar, the crown filled with large leaves that result is a impressive dense head of abundant Foliage. The leaves are heart shaped.

Oak trees also come in several varieties, and typically grow slower. Oaks grow to towering heights and may still be standing after centuries. Oaks drop acorns that provide food for many woodland animals.

Fruit trees, especially apples, can be successful in our Wisconsin climate. Apple trees produce showy flowers in the spring. with our established apple trees you can expect to be picking apples in the fall.